February 23, 2016

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Lots of items were released in Japan by Takara/Seven that sported that fantastically iconic "TF" logo somewhere on the box. None more awesome than the Jr. line. Predominantly denoted by a "Jr" under the "TF" logo, these treasures were released exclusively in Japanese stores (both toy and convenience alike) from 1986 onwards. This is, in the robot world, a relatively small sub line to collect. It's finite. However it's not at all an easy line to complete as some are brutally difficult to find.

To have complete insight we must first take a look at the origin. Like their bigger brother, Raiden Jr. started life in the Diaclone line (along with the Lamborghini Countach LP500S in yellow/Sunstreaker for Takara/Seven's "TF" line). They were paired up and offered on card. These pairings translated to the Transformers Jr. line in boxes in addition to the Raiden Jr. gift set of all 6. Interestingly that wasn't the only translation. For whatever reason C-129 colour scheme from Train Robo #11 of the Diaclone line.


The Junior figures themselves initially began as TF: "Gokin".

- Convoy
- Soundwave
- Ultra Magnus


After that they were officially packaged as Transformers Jr. 


- Rodimus Convoy
 - Metroplex (black chest sticker)
 - Metroplex (silver chest sticker)
 - Tyrpticon
 - Ultra Magnus Jr. w/Glavatron decoy gift set
- Soundblaster
 - Chromedome
 - Trainbot Jr. double set #1 C-125/C-129 (Train Robo #11 colours)
 - Trainbot Jr. double set #2 C-130/C-126
 - Trainbot Jr. double set #3 C-128/C-127
 - C-131 Raiden Jr. Giftset (C-129/Diaclone Train Robo #11)
 - Chromedome Jr. w/Rodimus Convoy decoy



 - Fortress Maximus (interestingly released in 1988)
- Super Jinrai single #1
 - God Ginrai single #2
 - God Ginrai gift set w/Godbomber accessories
 - Grand Maximus



 - Star Saber single
 - Star Saber gift set (with black camera)
 - Star Saber black camera single
 - Star Saber blue camera single
 - Star Saber red camera single
 - Star Saber Pistol set
 - Jr. 3 pack: Convoy, Chromedome and Fortress Maximus



-Lucky Draw Jr. gift set

Ultra Magnus Jr. for size comparison

At the tail-end of the Jr line, a large '5 years of leaders' gift set was given away as a prize in extremely small numbers. The campaign through which this was offered is unknown.
6 Jr toys were actually included: Convoy, Rodimus Convoy, Fortress Maximus, Super Jinrai and God Ginrai and finally Star Saber. The toys were the same as their regular production counterparts and all 6 were offered side by side in one extremely long white mail-away box with blue Japanese writing. An astonishingly cool piece.


That's it for the Jrs. An exciting subset of vintage Transformers that got its origins again from Diaclone. I absolutely adore them.

....but what other items did Takara/Seven produce for their "TF" line? Oh, pretty much everything...

...no, really.


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